For You:

Hi, my name is Isabel and Twisting Pretty is the love story of thrifted secondhand items, my deep love for fashion and my extreme want to not be boxed in. I started Twisting Pretty five years ago after I would get home from working my office job and my kids would fall asleep.

It’s been an intentional and slow journey but one that I am forever grateful for. I thank you for being here. 

Twisting Pretty brings together many things I am passionate about. 

Our planet - I not only run a secondhand business but live the lifestyle of wearing solely thrifted clothing in order to slow down my own personal fashion footprint. 

Fashion - I’ve always worn many different styles and have never believed that anyone should have to mold themselves to one aesthetic (if they don’t want to!) so I try to bring that to Twisting Pretty. One day you might want to wear a hot pink skirt and the next, you might want to wear a minimalistic neutral outfit. You can find both here.

Affordable and trendy clothing - I believe that shopping sustainably should not only be accessible but also affordable. Just because something is secondhand, doesn't mean it can't be cute as well. That is the reason I source fast fashion brands (although I know how damaging they are) because with the help of you and Twisting Pretty together, we can keep them out of landfills.

Connection and Inspiration - I enjoy sharing my story through social media. I do it with the hopes that no matter what you’ve been through or what you’re going through, you believe that your passion and dreams are worth pursuing. Because they are.

Again, it means the world that you're here.